Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 weeks

I'm having a hard time feeling excited about this pregnancy. It's something that I wanted for so long. But now that I am, I just feel tired, anxious, and sick. I haven't been vomiting, but have general exhaustion and nausea. I already feel fat, since I'm not exercising like I used too. Still eating but everything is on a day by day basis. Sometimes certain foods sound good, other times not.

We went for our first Dr. visit last week and saw the heartbeat. That was cool. But other than that there wasn't much else to go over except the tons of prenatal tests we'll be doing in the coming weeks. I won't even see my Dr. again until Sept! In the meantime, I'm like, hey are you really in there kid? How do I know everything is going alright?

During the ultrasound, she did notice a black blob on the side on my uterus. She said the placenta might be having hard time attaching. Nothing to worry about, she sees it all the time. Am I worrying? Sort of. Especially since it'll be 2 months till I check in with her again.

You should have seen Eddie's mouth drop when he saw the inter-vaginal tool they used to get the ultrasound this time. She put a condom on it. For real. Eddie was like is that a magnum?

Wishing I could get some energy.