Monday, October 5, 2009

20 weeks

Long time no post. School started and I've been consumed with that. I have the perfect class this year and so it's going to be a breeze into the final weeks of pregnancy. I'm even responsible for a diabetic student: check his blood sugar twice a day, and adjust his insulin pump.

Anyways we are finding out gender this week and I wanted to post a pic of the belly. When I go to my prenatal yoga class, I keep looking admirably at all the ladies and thinking I look small in the belly. But people at work keep telling me how much I am showing now. I just want to get more round and have belly protrude. I just feel like a blob in the middle.

Eddie took this picture tonight, and I think it looks small.

All my clothes were moved into plastic bins and maternity clothes from sonia and others have moved in. Boy some of the clothes Sonia inherited are UGLY. I know at a certain point I really shouldn't care what they look like, but I still want to look good. Not frumpy.

Ok will post more on Thursday!!