Monday, October 5, 2009

20 weeks

Long time no post. School started and I've been consumed with that. I have the perfect class this year and so it's going to be a breeze into the final weeks of pregnancy. I'm even responsible for a diabetic student: check his blood sugar twice a day, and adjust his insulin pump.

Anyways we are finding out gender this week and I wanted to post a pic of the belly. When I go to my prenatal yoga class, I keep looking admirably at all the ladies and thinking I look small in the belly. But people at work keep telling me how much I am showing now. I just want to get more round and have belly protrude. I just feel like a blob in the middle.

Eddie took this picture tonight, and I think it looks small.

All my clothes were moved into plastic bins and maternity clothes from sonia and others have moved in. Boy some of the clothes Sonia inherited are UGLY. I know at a certain point I really shouldn't care what they look like, but I still want to look good. Not frumpy.

Ok will post more on Thursday!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I like my baby bump- my lovely lil lady bump

This is what I'll look like in awhile. He he. Why do the employees at Maternity stores have to be so annoying?

13 weeks, 5 days

Wonderful news today! Eddie is not a cystic fibrosis carrier. Yay! Our child will not have CF but could be a carrier like me. I'm so relieved. Got some other blood work back too. I am A positive blood type. Never knew that.

Feeling pretty good now. My energy is definitely coming back- except when I'm at my parents and watch 6 episodes of Lost in a row. Blame it on the smog.

Have to get ready for work next week. Got trainings and staff developments. But I have to keep in mind I am only working until Feb!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreaded Blood Work

Today I got a call from my Dr. office. I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis. I don't have cystic fibrosis and will never have it. But 1 out of the 2 chromosomes that I have is a mutated gene for CF. My other chromosome is normal.

Now Eddie has to be tested. If he is not a carrier, then the baby will be fine. The baby could be a carrier like me but that's it. If Eddie tests positive, then the baby has a 25% chance of have CF. At that point I will get an amniocentesis to determine what CF genes the baby has.

There are so many little steps and waiting periods because we don't get immediate answers. I go into sporadic little cries and feel bad, but I can't feel bad right now, especially because everything could be just fine. This is just a little set back and I have to deal with everything as it comes. I don't want to go into worst case scenario Anne mode.

Anyways, it is kind of weird knowing I'm a carrier. I now think of myself as not as healthy, even thought it in no way affects me. One of my parents is a carrier, or both could be. Isn't it strange to go through life not knowing these little details. There really is no point in knowing this detail, except if your going to have a kid.

Gotta think good thoughts! Come on Healthy Eddie!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Sis Rocks!

My sister is the best!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't fit in anything.

My clothes are uncomfortable and I look bad in everything. Getting dressed for work in 3 weeks on going to be very interesting.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pregnancy Fit Video!

I ordered 2 prenatal exercise videos that came today. One is a muscle toning with a woman who worked for Cirque Du Soleil. Her body is crazy fit. She's french canadian and has a cute accent. It's relaxing and I feel like I'm getting fit.

The other one is by Shiva Rea- a gaia yoga video. Haven't tried that one, but will be good for breathing and getting ready to pop that baby out.

Feeling good today, so going down with Eddie for his happy hour with some friends. I haven't been going out at all, so this will be good for me. And I'm at the stage where I can tell more people that I'm pregnant.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

11 weeks, 9 more pounds

I started feeling better- more energy, could eat more things- on our trip to Portland. I still got the afternoon crankies. But I am ready to get back to an exercise routine. Started walking briskly around the Lake.

I saw the nurse practioner today. The little rascal was kicking on the ultrasound and everything is looking great. Fast heartbeat. Still wasn't able to hear it, but could see it. Got an earful about healthy eating and calcium. I do not get enough calcium and I know that is bad- so I have to make some adjustments. I just don't like milk.

I can't believe how many prenatal tests they can run. I am doing the chromosomal blood work and NT ultrasound screening to detects for Down and Trisomy. But today they gave me a list of 3 other genetic tests they can do. When asked when the NP thought and should I do them, they can't give an opinion, they can just give information. It's all relatively simply- just go and give the blood work. And knowing if there is going to be a problem, is important to me. But still.

The bummer for me was getting on the scale. I had gained 9 pounds. That is not normal for the first trimester. And I'm not even done with the first trimester. I bet vacation food and eating out for a week didn't help much. The NP was not concerned, but I think this gaining weight is going to be a hard thing to deal with.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 weeks

I'm having a hard time feeling excited about this pregnancy. It's something that I wanted for so long. But now that I am, I just feel tired, anxious, and sick. I haven't been vomiting, but have general exhaustion and nausea. I already feel fat, since I'm not exercising like I used too. Still eating but everything is on a day by day basis. Sometimes certain foods sound good, other times not.

We went for our first Dr. visit last week and saw the heartbeat. That was cool. But other than that there wasn't much else to go over except the tons of prenatal tests we'll be doing in the coming weeks. I won't even see my Dr. again until Sept! In the meantime, I'm like, hey are you really in there kid? How do I know everything is going alright?

During the ultrasound, she did notice a black blob on the side on my uterus. She said the placenta might be having hard time attaching. Nothing to worry about, she sees it all the time. Am I worrying? Sort of. Especially since it'll be 2 months till I check in with her again.

You should have seen Eddie's mouth drop when he saw the inter-vaginal tool they used to get the ultrasound this time. She put a condom on it. For real. Eddie was like is that a magnum?

Wishing I could get some energy.